Suction cum Jetting with water recycling

APES experience of over a decade in Fluid Management solutions and services in various municipalities and water boards in India has made us evolve constantly for better solutions considering the challenges and constraints in Indian conditions. The technologies with relate to Sewer Networks are constantly changing and improving and so as our products and services.

To address the challenges and improve the efficiency of maintenance of sewer networks in major cities and towns in India, APES has an advanced and most efficient sewer network maintenance system developed and manufactured in collaboration with German Technology Majors, that can address all the challenges and work most efficiently for long hours continuously.

APES state of art Suction cum Jetting with water recycling machine is a major breakthrough in Indian Municipalities and Sewerage boards for maintenance of sewer lines as well as storm water lines and APES is proud to introduce this technology for the first time in India.

Highlights of this technology:

  • Single machine with high powered Suction cum Jetting.
  • Recycling of Sucked Sewer within the machine.
  • Jetting is done by the recycled water and no fresh water is required.
  • Continuous Jetting until the blockage is cleared.
  • Capacity to desilt the sewer lines of 400mm upto 1500 mm efficiently.
  • Cost effective and Efficient