Fire Fighting Pumps

APES is one of the leading manufacturer and the largest supplier of Fire Fighting Pumps in India. Our pumps are designed to perform in extreme conditions most effectively and are build with high quality and superior technology. Our Fire Figthing pumps are used by many Fire Fighting departments in India and with utmost performance for many years.

Our range of Fire Fighting pumps include Portable, Vehile Mounted and even Water Bouyant.

High quality Aryan portable pumps are designed to perform in extreme conditions with wide range of performance. These pumps deliver up to 24 Bar and 2600lpm. Apart from firefighting and de-watering, these pumps can be used effectively for dust suppression, water relaying, boosting, de-chocking and many more similar applications, using special tools.

Aryan Pumps offers a broad selection of gasoline/diesel engines from the leading engine manufacturers with dependable service back up worldwide.

Salient Features :

  • Pumps available in Power ranging from 6.1 HP to 70 HP.
  • Up to 4 stage centrifugal pumps in Aluminium Alloy or Bronze material construction.
  • Fitted with Carbon Ceramic Mechanical Seal or Gland Pack.
  • Supplied with screw down type delivery valve.
  • Primes upto 7 meters depth with the help of very effective Priming System.

Engine Options :

Diesel : Lombardini, Kirloskar.
Petrol : Hirth / Briggs and Stratton or equivalent.

Standard Scope of Supply :

  • Steel cradle with four handles for easy transportation.
  • Delivery pressure gauge and compound gauge.
  • Recoil rope starting arrangement.

Optional Equipment :

  • Two-wheel trolley assembly with tyres for easiest transportation.
  • Self start.
  • Flood lamp assembly.


Note: Customised pumps available as per requirement.